We can't just let the Tech Tyrants destroy us

Chairman Mao Zuckerberg strikes again!  Without any warning, Facebook goons "canceled" conservative Facebook group StopTheScalpings (STS), co-founded by longstanding San Francisco radio personality Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney in 2017.  The group has 113,000 members.  Think about that:  113,000 people had an interest in this organization and came together online (or assembled) to share information and communicate with one another.  Yet, with a few strokes on a Facebook keypad, their ability to interact was blown to smithereens — like being taken out by a predator drone.  This is not how things are done in America.  This is how things are done in totalitarian societies.  I know that AT readers know that and know their history, but the people behind this purge and those who support it apparently don't.  And if they do, they don't care.  It's a power-grab over...(Read Full Post)
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