Twitter's official tweet about the Uganda election is unbelievable

On Tuesday, Twitter left every sentient American wondering how a company so stupid could become so powerful.  Twitter spent last year silencing anything that would help Trump, including accurate facts about Biden pimping out his debauched son to foreign countries for big bucks.  It then inaugurated this year by booting the president of the United States off Twitter, followed by silencing all of his supporters.  But Twitter wasn't done.  Yesterday, in connection with the Uganda elections, Twitter issued a proud public policy statement about the absolute necessity of free speech on the internet, especially around elections. If you're thinking that what I just said is a joke from the inestimable Babylon Bee, it's not.  This is as real as can be: For a little context, this started because Twitter and Facebook were doing in Uganda what they did in America: using their immense power to put their jackboots on...(Read Full Post)
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