Jim Richerson cancels PGA Tournament at Trump's golf course

PGA of America president Jim Richerson just announced that the PGA of America terminated the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump's golf course in Bedminster, N.J.  The PGA will suffer in the long run.  Sports should be above politics, not controlled by politics. Pulling Bedminster out of the PGA tournament for political reasons will hurt the game more than staying in the tournament.  But what's really hurting the game of golf is not what is happening in national or local politics, but the demeanor of the players.   It's the egocentric marquee names like Phil Mickelson and Justin Thomas, vying for millions in prize money while playing in places like Hawaii on courses average Joe can't play at all, or for a week's salary, but who huff and puff after a "poor" shot.   Mickelson has shown his childish side and smiles only when winning.  He's the one who deliberately breaks the rules by, e.g.,...(Read Full Post)
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