Whole Foods takes two steps forward, one step back on Black Lives Matter uniforms

Whole Foods Market seems to have gotten its tail in a crack, at least in Canada.  What's the story? When the Black Lives Matter movement picked up steam earlier this year, some WFM employees came to work there wearing insignias and clothing in support of that organization.  What was the reaction of this world-class grocer?  Those in charge banned all employees from sporting such indications. Why would they do any such thing?  Was this corporation racist, under the control of white supremacists?  Don't be silly.  WFM never came within a million miles of discriminating against anyone, let alone black people.  It was never even accused of any such action, not even by those who are the most avid in ferreting out such behavior. Rather, the people running WFM made a not unreasonable decision.  They didn't want to alienate a large proportion of their customers, perhaps as many as half of...(Read Full Post)
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