We learned who shot JR, but will we ever learn who voted for Biden?

The Dallas TV series was a huge success in the 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s.  On March 13, 1980, the season ended with someone shooting J.R. Ewing, the Texas oilman everybody loved to hate.  The show's fans spent most of the summer wondering, "Who shot J.R."? In fact, it was millions and around the world: Who shot J.R.?  Some 83 million people in the country saw the show or an amazing 76% of all of the TVs in the U.S.  As I recall, it was Kristin who shot him, and the mystery was over! Forty years later, many of us are asking a different question: who voted for Biden?  How did this man win the election, given the red wave that swept the U.S. House and state legislatures?  The GOP won everything that mattered, and especially so looking ahead to redistricting. Biden may be taking the oath of office in January, but the numbers just don't add up, as David Catron...(Read Full Post)
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