Trump says Dominion software deleted 2.7 million Trump votes and handed another 500,000 to Biden


We received a lengthy letter from Dominion's defamation lawyers explaining why they believe that their client has been the victim of defamatory statements. Have considered the full import of the letter, we have agreed to their request that we publish the following statement:

American Thinker and contributors Andrea Widburg, R.D. Wedge, Brian Tomlinson, and Peggy Ryan have published pieces on that falsely accuse US Dominion Inc., Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., and Dominion Voting Systems Corporation (collectively “Dominion”) of conspiring to steal the November 2020 election from Donald Trump. These pieces rely on discredited sources who have peddled debunked theories about Dominion’s supposed ties to Venezuela, fraud on Dominion’s machines that resulted in massive vote switching or weighted votes, and other claims falsely stating that there is credible evidence that Dominion acted fraudulently.

These statements are completely false and have no basis in fact. Industry experts and public officials alike have confirmed that Dominion conducted itself appropriately and that there is simply no evidence to support these claims.

It was wrong for us to publish these false statements. We apologize to Dominion for all of the harm this caused them and their employees. We also apologize to our readers for abandoning 9 journalistic principles and misrepresenting Dominion’s track record and its limited role in tabulating votes for the November 2020 election. We regret this grave error. 

Donald Trump is trumpeting a data study showing that Dominion voting machines in contested states systematically stripped 2.5 million votes from Trump.  In addition, the same software systems gave 500,000 of Trump's votes to Biden.  Naturally, Democrats disagreed, with the AP publishing a shrill and shoddy rebuttal.  The data are out there, so people can reach their own conclusions.

On Thursday, Nick Chase alerted American Thinker readers to a straightforward data analysis showing that, throughout the November 3 through 4 vote counts, Dominion voting systems abruptly and repeatedly deleted votes from Donald Trump entirely, while at other times transferring votes from Trump to Biden.  The total change was 3,000,000 lost Trump votes and a 500,000-vote gain for Biden.

These changes never happened in the other direction.  That is, there were no data showing that Dominion software either deleted Biden votes or transferred any of them to Trump.

You can read here the post that describes the data used and steps taken to reveal these vote deletions and transfers.  However, because it's written in geek speak, some translation is in order.

What tipped off the research was that people watching CNN noticed that Trump's and Biden's vote counts in Pennsylvania instantaneously reflected a 19,958-vote switch, with Trump losing that number and Biden gaining that number.  Someone named "Pede" (short for centipede) was intrigued.  Nick Chase explains:

Pennsylvania uses Dominion voting systems, which forward their data to Edison Research, which then Javascript-encodes it and sends it on to the New York Times and the networks.  So "Pede" downloaded the Edison data for Pennsylvania from the New York Times at this address and analyzed it to locate all similar vote switches, as well as for votes that just went missing. 

Here are the specific numbers for those changes.  They are staggering.  No wonder Trump published a triumphant tweet:



Faced with the specter of a vast fraudulent vote switch changing the election outcome, the AP sprang into action.  The piece, which Ali Swenson and Amanda Seitz wrote, abandons any pretense of professional journalistic objectivity.  Any journalist working in a time before wokeness took over the newsroom would have died rather than write this paragraph, which was obviously copied from a Democrat press release:

President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Twitter that an election technology firm "deleted" large numbers of his votes or "switched" them to count for Joe Biden — the latest in a series of baseless theories suggesting vote counting problems that the president has been promoting.

Once you get past the partisan rant, there are almost no facts.  Instead, there are just denials.  You can practically hear Ali and Amanda in their adjoining cubicles huffing, "He's lying.  I know he's lying.  How dare the Bad Orange Man say that?"

First, there's the denial from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, a federal agency, telling us, "The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history."  No.  Just no.  Go here for details as to why that's a big lie from the same type of swamp creatures who brought you the Russia hoax.

Next, Dominion Voting Systems is shocked — shocked! — to hear claims that its systems are vulnerable to voting fraud.  Texas attorney general Ken Paxton disagrees with Dominion's self-assessment.  Sean Hannity also covered some of the problems.

(Also, check out @CodeMonkeyZ's Twitter feed, which does a deep dive into Dominion's software.)

From there, Eddie Perez, from the supposedly non-partisan OSET Institute, gets quoted.  Before getting to that, how non-partisan is OSET?  This non-partisan:

In 2020, that type of groveling virtue-signaling is a highly partisan statement.

Perez claims that every election machine problem in 2020 was from human error and that he was not aware of a systemic issue.  Well, now he's aware, right?

The funniest rebuttal is from Edison Research.  Pede, as you recall, used Edison's data for the analysis:

The anonymous commenter who posted the theory claimed the findings are supported by data from the polling firm Edison Research. Yet the company has not produced such a report, said Larry Rosin, the president of Edison Research.

"We have no evidence of any voter fraud," Rosin said in an email. (Emphasis mine.)

Logic says you're not going to have that evidence if you haven't produced that report.  What makes Pede's findings useful is that Pede did a different analysis from what anyone else, including Edison itself, had done.

The AP, once respectable, is now just another woke, partisan-hack outfit.

Sidney Powell — again, one of the smartest people in America — promises that more will be coming:





Incidentally, if you want practically minute-by-minute updates about the level of fraud, coercion, and general moral indecency in this election, you should check out Powell's feed.  It's fascinating.

I suspect that someone is going to consider Friday the 13th a very bad day, and that this someone won't be Donald Trump.





Image: Binary computer code.  Pixabay license.