Thinking about that flailing Fox News betrayal

As the world watches an attempt to impose an alternate reality on the American electorate, there are those in the mainstream media who, in response to corporate pressure and left-leaning proclivity, have now resorted to prematurely referring to mumbling Joe Biden as "president-elect." That's why, of late, every word issuing forth from the media indicates that concern with what may have happened during the presidential election has more to do with demoting Trump than preserving the future integrity of a constitutional republic. A perfect example is in the left's insistence that there is zero evidence to support claims that 102%+ voter turnout, 3:00 A.M. data dumps, corpses who vote, statistical models signaling foul play, communist Chinese influence, and electioneering poll workers dressed in Biden/Harris T-shirts had an impact on who won. Trump lawyers who attest to voter fraud and with evidence galore have now become the target of media pundits...(Read Full Post)
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