Sidney Powell has expanded on the scope of the Dominion scam

During an interview with Glenn Beck, Sidney Powell offered some fascinating new insights into the claim that Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems have been used to engage in systematic election interference at home and abroad.  She also pushed back against media and NeverTrump claims that Trump's legal team has no evidence to back up these charges.  [UPDATE: A stunning 14-minute interview with Howie Carr later in the day added more information and is embedded below the Glenn Beck interview.] Of course, the lawyers do not have to give their proof to the media.  The media are just as capable of digging up the material.  Moreover, no lawyer should ever give the opponent (and that would be not just the Democrat party and Dominion, but the media as well) the entire case before going into court.  That's an insane tactic. In the interview, Powell explained some of the problems associated with giving the media a neat little...(Read Full Post)
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