Sidney Powell claps back at Tucker Carlson (updated)

After Trump's legal dream team held a press conference to give an overview of the allegations about massive election fraud, the media, from CNN down to Fox, went on the attack.  Even Tucker Carlson attacked Sidney Powell for allegedly failing to produce evidence supporting her claims against Dominion.  By Friday, Powell explained why she didn't appear on Tucker's show — and what she said didn't reflect well on everyone's favorite conservative analyst. As always with all the news nowadays, there's a back story here: ever since Rupert Murdoch retired, and his left-leaning sons took over, Fox News has systematically and incrementally been recasting itself as CNN lite.  It kept the big-name conservatives front and center, but, in the background, it began to tweak here and there. Quisling Paul Ryan, a NeverTrump, joined the Board.  Donna Brazile, who helped Hillary cheat during the 2016 campaign, got...(Read Full Post)
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