It's not historic that a so-called 'transgender' person got elected in Delaware

Democrats are quite proud of themselves because the people of Delaware elected a man named Sarah McBride to the Delaware State Senate.  The claim is that he is the first openly transgender state senator in America.  In reality, McBride is just another confused Democrat, and there's nothing new about that.

While still in college, McBride rose through the ranks as a male working on Democrat campaigns in Delaware (including Beau Biden's campaign for Delaware attorney general).  After he was elected as student body president at American University, he gained national attention by announcing that he thought he was a woman.  Everybody was excited that he publicly displayed his body dysmorphia, which garnered him useful attention on NPR, at The Huffington Post, and even from then–vice president Joe Biden.

Since then, McBride has dedicated himself to advancing the so-called transgender cause.  This passage, from Wikipedia, is everything you need to know about him (endnotes omitted):

After the passage of Delaware's gender identity protections and hate crimes legislation, McBride worked on the LGBT Progress team at the Center for American Progress. McBride has spoken at a number of colleges and LGBT events, including the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner, the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner, the Victory Fund National Brunch, the University of Pennsylvania, and Gettysburg College. McBride was ranked the Most Valuable Progressive in Delaware by listed in the 2014 list of the Trans 100, and named one of the fifty upcoming millennials poised to make a difference in the coming years by A 2015 article in the NewStatesman on transgender representation in elective office predicted McBride would be the first transgender American elected to high public office. McBride was a panelist at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's "GLOBE Pride 2016" on youth and workplace bullying. McBride has been featured in The New York TimesThe Huffington PostThe Washington PostThe Boston GlobeAl JazeeraPBS NewsHourTeen VogueNorth Carolina Public RadioThe New YorkerMSNBCThinkProgressBuzzfeed, and NPR

Let me be clear: I'm deeply sorry for McBride.  Body dysmorphia is a miserable mental illness.  To see your body as something alien must be unnerving.

We recognize the tragedy of body dysmorphia with anorexic people, who literally starve themselves to death under the mistaken belief that they are fat.  We do not encourage anorexics' delusion, though.  Instead, we help reconcile them to the reality of their own bodies.  (E.g., for extremely effeminate men, testosterone might help, as it increases masculine traits.)

When I've been in the company of people with body dysmorphia, I treat them with the respect all people deserve as they face life's challenges.  I'll call them by their preferred names and, when in their company, use their preferred pronouns.  However, feeling pity for them, as I do for McBride, does not mean that I am going to buy into their delusions.  A society that not only cannot separate reality from fantasy, but forces people to reject reality in favor of fantasy is on a fast road to self-destruction.

And don't make any mistake: no one, including progressives, buys into McBride's delusions, either.  If they did, they wouldn't keep saying he's a "transgender woman."  If he could indeed magically change sexes, he'd simply be a "woman."  The adjective "transgender" is a giveaway that this is all a sham, aimed at deconstructing traditional society and getting people to buy into a big lie.

The fact that it is a big lie is why the joke's on all those preening, woke Americans who call McBride the first "transgender" state official:

McBride's not the first anything.  He's just another mentally confused leftist who won political office.

Image: McBride, Delaware state senator. Twitter screen grab.