It's in the code: Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin

Last Sunday, in my article "'Lost votes are fraud votes," I looked at the "lost votes" for the 2020 presidential election listed in Internet blogger "Pede's" analysis, and I described how, after adjusting for the thrown-away votes, Trump won Pennsylvania and will win (after the recount) Georgia, while Biden likely won Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and possibly Arizona. But there's still something missing. "Pede's" data search exposed votes switched from Trump to Biden, and "votes lost" (mostly Trump votes thrown away); but there is a third category that escapes this type of data scanning: "votes added." By "votes added" I mean fraudulent "votes" that were all, or almost all, for Biden. This would include (and account for) the massive "Biden vote dumps" that occurred in Wisconsin and Michigan in the early morning hours of Nov. 4 which shrank Trump's...(Read Full Post)
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