Hillary Clinton is not happy with how 2020 is going

You can say this for Hillary Clinton: she's proving to be a lot more prescient than popular.  Ever the meddler, the vengeful presidential wannabe advised Joe Biden way back in August not to concede the election under any circumstances.  Little did she know that it would be Trump who took her advice. Not only that, but Hillary was savvy enough to predict why the 2020 election results would demand scrutiny.  She enumerated the reasons, which sound surprisingly like the ones Trump's legal team is contesting before he is willing to make a concession speech.  Talk about taking a page from the opposition's playbook! Among other things, Hillary predicted that the election would be very close and "drag out."  Considering how far off the mark most political gurus were in that regard, perhaps she should become a pollster. Hillary may have been on to something.  But the question is, what will she be up to...(Read Full Post)
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