Every sheriff in Los Angeles region refusing to enforce Gavin Newsom's COVID curfew

Sheriffs in five Southern California counties with a total population of 17.25 million people — equivalent to the fifth most populous state — are defying that state's governor.  They will not arrest people for violating the statewide curfew that Governor Gavin Newsom has imposed starting today, apparently on the belief that the virus wakes up and goes out at 10 P.M. Bill Melugin of KTTV, Fox 11 in Los Angeles (hat tip: Breitbart) contacted them about enforcing the statewide curfew: We’ve now heard from every Sheriff in our SoCal viewing area. San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, & Riverside Counties will not actively enforce the curfew order. LA Sheriff will take a voluntary compliance/education first approach, will not make any arrests related to order @FOXLA — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) November 20, 2020 Some city police departments are also demurring: We’ve heard from the Sheriffs, we are now starting to hear...(Read Full Post)
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