Biden supposedly 'won,' but it's Obama who's everywhere

In 2000, everybody in America, whether Democrat or Republican, wondered who had won the election and anxiously awaited the outcome.  In 2020, the Democrats have dredged up an imaginary constitutional clause that allows the Associated Press to declare Biden the winner.  Biden has now arrogated for himself the equally imaginary title of "president-elect."  Despite his new status, though, Biden is still hiding in the basement.  It's Obama, once again, who won't get out of our faces. Biden's claiming the title of president for himself reminds me of nothing so much as the moment in 1806 when Napoleon, having declared himself Emperor of France, grew impatient with how slowly Pope Pius VII was conducting the ceremony, took the crown from the Pope's hand, and crowned himself.  That act did not end well for Europe, France, or Napoleon. Jacques-Louis David, "The Coronation of Napoleon in Notre Dame," 1806. Napoleon, at...(Read Full Post)
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