America is ancient Rome and could end the same way

Toward the end of the 2nd century B.C., the Roman republic had reached a crossroads.  The threat of rival superpower Carthage had been extinguished forever.  Via extensive conquest, Rome now had to govern lands not just in its own peninsula, but from modern Spain through North Africa, Greece, and beyond.  It was this expansion that brought new geopolitical regions to control with military might, economic and cultural conditions to consider as populations of a vast variety entered the Roman world, and internal political division and strife that an abundance of success brought. If this sounds strikingly similar to the modern American condition to the reader, it should.  It was this historical crossroads that led to the fall of the Republic and sent Rome into a dictatorship from which inevitable decay and collapse followed.  A study of these events may shed crucial light on how America may avoid the same fate. In the year 116 B.C.,...(Read Full Post)
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