Will war start with Quemoy and Matsu?

No one is asking President Trump or Joe Biden what they think about Quemoy and Matsu, but people ought to, because the Chinese are gearing up to attack Quemoy, and maybe even go as far as trying to do damage to the Taiwan Air Force base on Penghu (the Pescadore Islands), which are all Taiwan-controlled islands. We all remember that in 1960, in the presidential debates between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, Kennedy took the position that Quemoy and Matsu were "indefensible" and that Taiwan should pull back from these islands.  Nixon, however, said the U.S. should defend them.  (Later, when polls showed that the American people sided with Nixon on this issue, Kennedy "revised" his opinion.) Today, no one knows where either presidential candidate stands on this question.  Unlike the run-up to 1960, the Chinese have not tried (as they did then) to attack Quemoy and Matsu.  In 1949 and again in the 1950s, China twice...(Read Full Post)
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