Twitter and Facebook got more people talking about Hunter Biden

Did Facebook or Twitter plan to kill the Hunter Biden story?  Maybe so, but they've accomplished the exact opposite.  In other words, more and more people are talking about it and wondering why it was censored in the first place. This is from Emily Zanotti: Twitter's crackdown on a controversial New York Post story that "purported to show new emails from Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, about his business dealings while Joe Biden was the vice president in the Obama administration," "nearly doubled" the story's visibility and triggered the so-called "Streisand Effect," amplifying the Post's claims, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a high-profile media intelligence firm. "When Twitter banned, and then unbanned, links to a questionably sourced New York Post article about Joe Biden's son Hunter, its stated intention was to prevent people from spreading...(Read Full Post)
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