Those two town halls? A textbook spectacle of media bias

Every American knows without a shadow of doubt that the mainstream media are shamelessly biased against any and all conservatives.  They make no secret of the fact that they function as adjuncts of the DNC.  They go to great lengths to prop up Biden and sabotage the president.  Taken together, the two town halls Thursday night serve as a textbook example of media bias that a third-grader could grasp with ease.  George Stephanopoulos of Clinton war room infamy treated Biden with kid gloves.  Once he began answering a question, he spewed word salad until G.S. interrupted him.  The "undecided" questioners in the audience were mostly Democrats, including an Obama speechwriter. This is how the left-wing media function: dishonestly.  Biden was not asked about the unfolding scandal of his son's proven criminality that implicates Biden.  He is the man most of us already knew he was, corrupt to his...(Read Full Post)
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