O'Keefe exposes more ballot-harvesting in Texas

Ballot-harvesting has apparently been around awhile, but until the past year or two, have you ever heard of it? That's the virtue of James O'Keefe's Project Veritas undercover exposes of this kind of insidious voter fraud, showing up and close and personal what is going on. According to Texas Scorecard, O'Keefe uncovered a slew of it, this time in San Antonio: Newly released undercover footage appears to reveal a ballot harvesting operation in San Antonio, collecting votes for Democrat candidates. Project Veritas, known for their unique brand of covert journalism, released the video on Tuesday, which shows a ballot chaser named Raquel Rodriguez as she illegally harvests mail ballots, offers gifts for their completion, and admits that what she is doing is illegal. In one clip, she is shown apparently helping a voter change her vote from Republican John Cornyn to Democrat M.J. Hegar. “What I do—picking up those ballots...(Read Full Post)
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