More evidence that Breonna Taylor was living on the dark side

When Breonna Taylor died in a hail of police bullets, she joined the pantheon of Black Lives Matter martyrs, men such as George Floyd, Michael Brown, Jacob Blake, and Trayvon Martin. Initially, she seemed anomalous because she was not engaged in criminal activity or resisting arrest when she died. New evidence, though, shows that, in addition to her relationship with a drug dealing ex-boyfriend (which is what caught the police’s attention), the boyfriend who shot the police was also a drug dealer. Taylor hung out with the wrong people. BLM needed Taylor. While mobs were making shrines to George Floyd and congresspeople performed kneeling theater, other people observed that Floyd was a criminal who threatened a pregnant woman with a gun and had rotated in and out of prison. On the day of his death, he’d passed counterfeit money, guzzled illegal drugs, and resisted arrest. We also know now that the officers’ understanding of the situation and their decision to...(Read Full Post)
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