Looking beyond the polls, there continue to be signs that Trump will win

There’s a delicate balance between hope and false hope. If we have hope, it’s incredible what we can do. If we have false hope, as the Democrats did in 2016, when those hopes are dashed, we risk going insane, as the Democrats have done every minute since November 8, 2016. Currently, the big polls show Biden cruising to victory, with Trump staggering after. However, Don Surber, who predicted Trump’s victory last time around, predicts Trump will win as many as 37 states! I thought I’d share with you some of his thoughts. First, the mere fact that Surber got it right the last time around is not the reason I rely on him. After all, it was a binary election: Either Trump or Hillary would win. That Surber picked correctly meant he was willing to look beyond the polls, but it doesn’t make him a guru. No, what makes Surber a guru is that he tends to be correct about so many things when it comes to understanding how Trump operates and seeing through the...(Read Full Post)
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