Kamala Harris belongs in Hollywood, not Washington, DC

In the debate Wednesday night, Harris proved herself to be an intellectual lightweight without a grasp of the issues, or the truth of the issues she attempted to elucidate.  She thinks she is informed, but to quote Reagan, so much of what she thinks she knows is wrong. She is the Washington, D.C. version of Alyssa Milano, an idiot who has achieved a level of celebrity that is not only undeserved but toxic. She displayed zero depth of knowledge of a single issue that was addressed.  Susan Page, Chris Wallace in a dress, framed every question as a Democrat talking point, but then she is the author of a fawning book about the wicked witch, Nancy Pelosi.  At least she did not become part of the debate, but she did try to give the advantage to Harris.  It didn't help.  Of all the people Biden could have selected as a running mate, Harris is without a doubt the worst.  Her incessant smirking, inappropriate grinning,...(Read Full Post)
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