It's starting to look ugly for Democrats

It's crunch time for the challenging Democrats.  We're coming down to blastoff-like countdown numbers 'til Nov. 3.  The real leaders of the Dem Party — not those shock troops carrying placards in the streets, but the real mavens of policy, who call the shots from behind their desks — are starting to sweat.  They have smarts.  How long before their candidate goes completely off the wall and is no longer able to be protected by the accommodating media?  Biden has already twice repeatedly claimed to nationwide audiences that he's running for a Senate seat.  His behavior to both fans and interviewers has increasingly shown his mean side.  He's ready to implode under the pressure.  In addition, Trump's almost miraculous recovery from the coronavirus and the massive crowds cheering him on at his open-air rallies indicate another 2016-like disaster for the...(Read Full Post)
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