Is Joe Biden okay with sexualizing children over a 'preference'?

During his town hall, Joe Biden uttered myriad inanities, covering everything from shooting potentially lethal attackers in the leg to raising all the usual hoaxes against Trump (fine people hoax, Russian bounty on U.S. troops hoax, inject bleach hoax).  But mixed in with the stupidity and socialism was something genuinely evil: Biden announced that it was fine for an 8-year-old to decide one day to "change" his sex.  It's not acceptable.  It's a terrible form of child abuse.  People need to stop being politically correct about it and start speaking out. The question came from Mieke Haeck, who is married to a high-profile Democrat who made a failed run for the Pennsylvania state Senate.  In other words, Haeck has serious Democrat connections. Haeck was at the town hall with a mission.  She was going to ensure that her son, who believes (or has been taught to believe) he's a girl, isn't the...(Read Full Post)
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