How much longer can Joe Biden refuse to answer questions?

"The dog that didn't bark" was a clue in one of Sherlock Holmes' mysteries. It suggested that sometimes the absence of a response may reveal as much as a response would. Joe Biden hasn't barked quite a bit lately. For example, he has repeatedly refused to state his position on court-packing for the absurd reason that he doesn't want the headlines.  But if Biden were to say, "Hell no.  I won't pack the court," public reaction would favor him by thirteen percent.  It's completely out of character for any politician to avoid headlines on a subject that would accrue to his benefit.  During the town hall with George Stephanopoulos, Biden refined his answer by insinuating he might reveal his position on court-packing before the election, subject to the Barrett nomination.  "It depends on how this turns out," he said.  There are pretty strong indications that Barrett is going...(Read Full Post)
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