Democrat tricks won't stop with Halloween

Candidates for public office portraying their opponent as an enemy of the people is a time-honored tradition.  Slander, brickbats, half-truths, and lies are as essential to campaigns as yard signs and mailers.  But now we've entered the home stretch, when desperation takes hold, tempers run short, and the famous "October surprise" is multiplied for maximum effect. Democrats, and their politically agreeable cronies within the tech and media industries, have stopped bothering to couch their language in the common wahrheit.  Nor are they using tactics that could, in any good-faith viewing, be characterized as fair play. The New York Post's wood-lining scoop about Joe Biden's meeting with an executive of Burisma, the Ukrainian energy concern that employed the former vice president's wayward son Hunter for a handsomer-than-Brad Pitt salary, is being suppressed by major social media channels.  Facebook's top...(Read Full Post)
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