Consumers hurt by FCC 1-800-number rules change

While billions of minutes of toll-free calls are made every month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is changing the rules of the game in a way that will put consumers' access to these free numbers at risk. Approximately 30% of the top most commonly called numbers are to government agencies.  American citizens are relying on these services to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal student loan program, and other government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  This is a time when people are needing access to those resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and a time of economic instability. About two years ago, the FCC wanted to look at abuse of the 1-800-Number system to find ways to reduce fraud.  They ended up crafting a solution that is a massive overcorrection that will lead to the unintended consequence of a lack of access for consumers and a system vulnerable to crashes. The FCC has pushed a...(Read Full Post)
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