Another media attack on Trump fails

NBC attempted to set a trap for Donald Trump during the town hall, ambushing the president with interrogation-like questions and then interrupting him as he tried to speak.  As usual, it backfired. NeverTrumps believe that Savannah Guthrie did an excellent job in her role as moderator of the Trump town hall.  Trump-supporters, with good reason, could see that it was the exact opposite.  But what is important is the view of the large number of undecided viewers.  The response of the public does not appear to support the Trump-haters' reading of events. Actually, it was pretty bad, raising questions as to how or why it could happen. Did the Trump campaign pay NBC executives to choreograph this town hall, or are they really that incompetent?  Guthrie was coached by NBC executives.  They knew exactly how she would behave.  They did not take into consideration the negative reaction to Chris...(Read Full Post)
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