Americans must avoid folly in November

What does it mean to act in folly?  Historian Barbara Tuchman defines folly as knowingly pursuing a policy contrary to a nation's own interests when clear alternatives are present and the said policies are viewed as counterproductive in their own time, not merely in hindsight (Tuchman, 1984).  In other words, it's not a tragic decision due to a lack of available information, but a tragic decision in spite of available information.  In Tuchman's own work, she lays out plenty of historical examples ranging from the ancient world to the Revolutionary War, through Vietnam, where "wooden-headedness" seemed to prevail in a maddening, yet at times comical, way.  Certainly, in modern 21st-century America, it would be thought we would have learned our lesson.  With public schools, a vast university system, and online sources that cater to all walks of life, certainly accurate, reliable information can be acquired and acted...(Read Full Post)
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