2020: The 'Cancel America' election

I'm a pretty quiet guy.  I love politics, I've volunteered for and worked on campaigns, and I'm not shy about being either Christian or conservative — but I'm also not bombastic, egotistical, or easily offended.  Donald Trump embodies each of these three characteristics, putting his personality on the opposite side of the spectrum from mine.  I worked hard against him in the 2016 primaries, and I couldn't pull the lever in the general that year, leaving it blank and voting down-ticket. But in two weeks, I'm going to pull the lever to help President Donald Trump win re-election.  The alternative is a radicalized Democratic Party that uses Joe Biden as a puppet, believes that America is racist, and wants to destroy our individual rights — with social media and mainstream media as willing accomplices, and an enfeebled Republican Party as the emasculated opposition. I was already going to vote for Trump, but...(Read Full Post)
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