Will we remember this as the week that the tide turned in Trump's favor?

I'm not a superstitious person, but I have to admit to something close to trepidation as I write this post with good news about Trump's re-election prospects.  I fear angering the gods or the fates, or maybe I'm just worried that people will get complacent.  Still, good news needs to be shared, so here goes.  Just promise me that, if you read this, you'll maintain a sense of unusual urgency that will see you casting an in-person vote in this election. The first bit of good news is learning that the violent protests, riots, and looting that the Democrat party encouraged over the summer are backfiring.  According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll: Three-out-of-four voters who've had violent anti-police protests in their community rate those protests important to their vote in the presidential election. Among these voters, a sizable majority like the job President Trump is doing. What's significant...(Read Full Post)
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