What will happen to Mexico's Air Force One?

Down in Mexico, President López-Obrador is trying to keep a most unusual campaign promise.  He promised to get rid of the president's plane or their equivalent of Air Force One. During the campaign, he said the plane is a symbol of corruption.  It was apparently purchased by his predecessor, President Enrique Peña-Nieto, who is now under a huge cloud of corruption. What is the story of the plane today?  This is the story from the New York Times: As soon as he took office, he began trying, with great fanfare, to offload the jet. He speaks about it regularly in the hourslong news conferences he holds every morning — one of them held in front of the Dreamliner parked in its hangar. As president, he makes a point of flying commercial. But offers didn't exactly start rolling in for the Boeing 787, which, with its king size bed and treadmill, does not lend itself to commercial use. When he raised the...(Read Full Post)
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