Washington and Lee University wants to teach students to overthrow the state

Washington and Lee University is a small, private liberal arts university in western Virginia.  It's named after George Washington and Robert E. Lee, who became its president after the Civil War.  As is the case with all small, private liberal arts colleges in America except for Hillsdale, WLU is essentially a leftist indoctrination center for those students who attend. However, even by liberal arts standards, WLU took things to a whole new level this semester when it offered first-year students a three-credit class called "How to Overthrow the State."  WLU is entitled to do so, but it seems appropriate that the taxpayers of this state have a say in the matter.  Therefore, President Trump should issue an executive order withholding all federal funds from the university. The class is one of 18 different choices offered to freshmen for their required writing seminar.  All of the seminars stress that their purpose...(Read Full Post)
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