USC puts a professor on leave because snowflakes can't handle a Chinese word

Political correctness at American colleges and universities is so over the top that it's moved beyond parody.  At the University of Southern California, a professor at the Marshall School of Business was explaining to students that different countries have different filler words — that is, meaningless words that, um, people use in their speech when, uh, they're stuck.  The Chinese filler word sounded so much like the word that shall not be named that it drove the black MBA students to paroxysms of grief major enough that the professor had to be put on leave. This video shows Professor Greg Patton's crime: Did you catch that?  In China, said Patton, when they need a filler word, they say something that sounds like "nay-geh" (or, in the phonetic alphabet, "nèi ge").  Thus, in China, my sample sentence in the first paragraph might read: "That is, meaningless words...(Read Full Post)
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