Two black women have an inspired idea for dealing with systemic racism

Ashley Scott and Renee Walters have a dream — and if you're not black, it doesn't involve you.  The two Georgia women are founding an all-black town in central Georgia to shake off 400 years of oppressive racism.  Their inspiration is the fictional Wakanda in the movie Black Panther.  Unwittingly, they're repeating an old American tradition of utopian communitarianism. According to Yahoo! News, Scott and Walters inspired 19 black families to purchase 96 acres of land for their "safe haven" (hat tip: Breitbart).  The Yahoo article opens with a rote recitation of how awful America is ("the nation continues to confront the toxic legacy of slavery and Jim Crow").  Only then does it get to the actual story, which is Scott's and Walters's plan: [T]wo Georgia women have come together to build a community that will be a place free of oppression, "a tight-knit community for...(Read Full Post)
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