Trump is right: Science doesn't know — and supposed journalists don't care

Here are some facts that most of the media, scientists, entertainers, and other Democrats choose to ignore as they indoctrinate the public, especially the children, about "science":  Environmentalists and politicians have mismanaged forests for decades in California and elsewhere.  They won't clear cut, clear out brush and leaves, allow logging, or build in firebreaks.  It leaves the area much more vulnerable to heat, lightning, wind, and accidental or intentional fires to combust wildly.  The fires are clearly not caused by oil use. The Earth has had many lengthy warming and cooling periods throughout its history, long before humans and oil use could have had any effect. Floods, storms, and droughts have been extensive throughout the Earth's history.  How else would it be covered with so many deserts and so many deep seas? The English Channel was formed around 400,000 years ago because of massive...(Read Full Post)
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