Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East, and the Democrats are not impressed

On Tuesday, President Trump welcomed to the White House Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign ministers representing the UAE and Bahrain.  They gathered there to sign the Abraham Accord, a history-making agreement that sees two Muslim nations formally normalize their relationship with the world's only Jewish state.  Trump also hinted that several more Muslim countries would follow, including Saudi Arabia.  Trump is doing what everyone said was impossible: bringing peace to the Middle East.  Democrats, however, responded by downplaying and attacking the agreement. The participants were excited because they recognized that they are the first in a cascade of peace agreements coming.  By sidelining the Palestinians, Trump was able to make the UAE and Bahrain — and will be able to make other Sunni states — see that a relationship with Israel is beneficial for them.  The UAE isn't hiding...(Read Full Post)
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