There's a reason why Rush is wondering if Biden is ever seen at night

By now, it's the worst kept secret in the world that Joe Biden is having cognitive difficulties.  He's tethered to a teleprompter, is fed only pre-approved questions, and speaks in short increments to friendly audiences.  Rumors are floating about that his dementia is quite advanced.  Rush Limbaugh came up with a theory that suggests that those rumors are correct. On Sunday, Thomas Lifson reprinted a post that's been circulating on the internet.  It purports to come from a former Biden staffer who quit the campaign and cannot keep quiet about Biden's mental incompetence.  Briefly, it says Biden has advanced dementia and that the medicine he takes for it causes incontinence.  Although the post accurately describes Biden's behavior and his brief appearances, an anonymous author means that it has dubious utility. Rush Limbaugh, however, has noticed another piece in the puzzle, and this one...(Read Full Post)
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