There is no such thing as a conspiracy โ€” until there is one

On that bright late winter morning in 44 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar (who looked a lot like Louis Calhern) probably didn't have an inkling that while he was finishing his latte and Pop-Tart that a group of concerned Roman citizens, including one he considered a friend (a carbon copy of James Mason), were gunning (knifing?) for him, or that by sunset, despite the sage advice of his wife and a soothsayer in the street, he would end up resembling a human pin cushion. More fortunate for him (but unfortunately for the world), on a warm summer day in A.D. 1944, the Führer of Germany (a David Bamber lookalike) who already had more than just an inkling that quite a few concerned German citizens were looking to terminate his disastrous control of their homeland with extreme prejudice, is blissfully unaware that one of his staff officers (the spitting image of Tom Cruise) planned to plant a bomb right under his nose.  Only dumb luck would spare the dictator's worthless...(Read Full Post)
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