The progressive 'slide-rule of law'

In Vermont, liberal demonstrators are permitted by government agencies to occupy public spaces, block traffic, organize political rallies, and paint one-sided political messages on public property, while the rest of the citizenry is under "mandate" to limit social gatherings, prohibited even from holding traditional weddings or funerals.  Many businesses are closed for noncompliance with COVID mandates — some permanently — yet Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters remain exempt from social gathering restrictions. This is the "slide-rule of law," enforced by Vermont's "progressive" public servants.  Free speech is afforded to liberal extremists, but not to anyone who might take issue with their violent, hateful rhetoric: when Vermont citizens organized a "Support the Police" rally, they were silenced by BLM anti-protesters — and the police did not intervene.  Numerous Vermont...(Read Full Post)
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