The left's search for microaggressions keeps getting more ridiculous

Leftists need to destroy the past to ensure that people have no point of comparison when they suffer the miseries, indignities, and multiple forms of slavery that make up daily life under leftism.  That may explain why leftists, not content with destroying America's history, are reaching out to destroy any culture derived from white people.  The latest historical personage to end up in the left's crosshairs, believe it or not, is Beethoven.  Apparently, he is such a painful symbol of "exclusion and elitism" that it would be best if he were canceled along with the Founding Fathers. This bizarre, entirely reductive view comes from Vox, where Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding launched their assault against Beethoven.  Sloan is a young academic who got his Bachelor's at Brown, one of the most woke colleges in America; earned his Ph.D. at Stanford; and now works at USC.  USC...(Read Full Post)
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