Suddenly, Pelosi wants a coronavirus stimulus deal

The margin favoring Democrats in the generic ballot for the House is slipping, from about 8 points to about 6 in the last few weeks (one could say the Dem lead has had a bad haircut). Given GOP redistricting advantages in several states — especially Ohio and North Carolina, and to a lesser extent in a few other states — plus the  fact that Dems win big majorities in minority-majority districts, Dems may need at least a  6-point advantage to hold control of the House.  Dems have invested heavily in districts they picked up in 2018, but overall, the House has had lesser emphasis than the presidential race or the battles for Senate control.  Pelosi is likely getting nervous, since her own importance and power depend on holding the majority.  A bipartisan group in the House (the "problem solvers") is working on a compromise bill to provide more stimulus, which the Fed and most economists...(Read Full Post)
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