Sometimes, Kamala Harris is one seriously dumb bunny

People with ties to San Francisco have long known that Kamala Harris is ambitious but not too bright.  Her success over the years came about because she latched onto then-mayor Willie Brown, even though Kamala was 30 years younger than the still married Brown.  Love him or hate him, Brown is one of the smartest people in politics, and, even after the two ended their relationship, he regularly advised Kamala as she climbed up the California political ladder. It's tough to believe that Kamala spoke to Brown before she jumped with both feet into the Jacob Blake matter.  If they had spoken, I'm reasonably sure that Brown would have told her that a person with her political prominence should never give an opinion about a famous or, worse, politically charged criminal trial.  Doing so provides an opening for defense counsel to claim that it is impossible to find neutral jurors, forcing a mistrial or even...(Read Full Post)
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