Republicans are knocking it out of the park with some great videos

One of the fascinating facts to emerge from watching the back-to-back conventions was that Republicans have overtaken Democrats when it comes to visual presentation. Despite their lock on Hollywood actors, the Democrats don’t seem to have attracted much of the creative talent. The Democrat convention looked like a meeting of a high school communist club, while the Republican convention was a joyous, polished, light-filled vision of America’s wonderful future. The difference in talent when it comes to creating videos and events applies to less spectacular events as well. When I look at my Facebook feed, which is heavily populated with Democrat friends from my travels through life, few of them put up any videos at all. This is not because they’re not political, because they are. It’s because they don’t seem to have anything floating across their computer monitors that’s worth posting. It’s very different in the world of pro-Trump friends....(Read Full Post)
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