Politics will never get less evil unless good men get involved

Burke said evil triumphs when good men stay silent.  Aristotle similarly said that when good people don't get involved in politics, they get government by bad people. That's what has happened here in America, why evil has spread like leprosy across the face of the land.  And make no mistake: it is evil that's spreading.  To grasp this we need look no farther than the corner Planned Parenthood charnel house.  When a society legitimizes babies getting turned into body parts for sale to the highest bidder — that's evil. With notable exceptions (think Trump), the bad guys have taken over (think Deep State). Burke had it right.  The good men have stayed silent for various reasons, some good but most not, as in not wanting to bother, not wanting problems for their families, things might improve on their own, etc.  Doesn't matter, really; the result is always the same when the worst take...(Read Full Post)
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