One of the worst calls the NFL has ever made

The NFL has decided to utilize its spectator sport to proselytize its paying customers to their employees' social opinion.  Unfortunately, many customers disagree with being considered racists and the denigration of their country.  The athletes of the NFL can generally run fast and lift heavy things, and play a game for pay, but they are clearly not marketing geniuses. For my hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in their opening game, they decided to honor Antwon Rose as their hometown cause.  For those unfamiliar with Mr. Rose, in the summer of 2018, he engaged in a drive-by shooting, fled from the shot up car as part of the police response to the shooting traffic stop within minutes of the shooting, and was shot as a fleeing felon by the police officer.  The trial and jury deliberation were extremely short; the policeman was not guilty of criminal homicide. The Steelers were not interested in the person whom Antwon Rose...(Read Full Post)
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