No 'sister' moment for Joe

On Monday, Joe Biden looked at the camera and said something like this: "Do I look like a guy who supports lawlessness"? Frankly, he doesn't.  What he looks like is: a man who has said nothing since the riots started and then suddenly decided to talk about because the polls are changing. Some in the media are claiming that this is "Joe's Sister Whatever" moment.  He finally stood up to the violent mob or something like that. In fact, Biden looked awful, as Eddie Scarry wrote: After three months of violence, vandalism, and arson in our biggest cities, all of it excused and encouraged by Democrats, we're supposed to be impressed that the party's presidential nominee released a statement calling it "unacceptable." The national media will no doubt declare the note, posted Sunday night on Biden's campaign site, a display of true leadership — because nothing arouses them more than a statement with...(Read Full Post)
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