Despite recalcitrant Democrats, rioters may finally be punished

One of the reasons the protests raging across America have been so successful is that Democrats have ensured that the rioters do not suffer any consequences for the property damage they inflict or for their assaults against people.  Instead, Hollywood leftists and Biden staffers contribute to funds that instantly bail them out.  Alternatively, left-leaning judicial systems release them without any charges.  It appears, though, that the federal government is partnering with less lenient local law officials to try a new approach. Within days of the Black Lives Matter protests starting in Minneapolis, big money got involved: Last week, a series of prominent American movie stars declared they would be donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit organizing cash bail payments for Minneapolis protestors arrested amid the carnage of the restless riots. Hollywood wasn't the only source of funds.  Biden staffers...(Read Full Post)
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