Biden might want to skip his meeting with Jacob Blake's family

The Democrats have a nasty habit of choosing as martyrs some highly unpleasant people.  Trayvon Martin was a wannabe gangbanger, Michael Brown was a strong-arm robber who attacked a police officer, George Floyd was an ex-felon with a violent past who died from an overdose of illegal drugs, and there was a warrant out for Jacob Blake because he violated a restraining order imposed following a particularly ugly alleged sexual assault. Now it emerges that Jacob Blake, Sr., the man who raised such a violent son, has some ugly ideas about Jews.  This is going to be a problem for Joe Biden, who has finally decided to visit Kenosha, the place where Jacob Blake got shot and where Antifa and Black Lives Matter tried to burn an American town to the ground. While still in his hidey-hole in Wilmington, Biden has already taken sides, and he's not on the side of law and order.  He's stated that the police officers who shot Blake in what was clearly a...(Read Full Post)
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