ABC's Matthew Dowd can't understand why Catholics oppose Biden

CatholicVote, a conservative Catholic advocacy group, plans to spend $9.7 million in swing states to persuade Catholic voters to support Trump.  ABC's Matthew Dowd is bewildered because Biden goes to Mass and, in Dowd's mind, is closer to Christ's teachings than Trump.  Dowd's confusion is typical of Jewish and Christian Democrats who consider themselves religious, but who substitute ritual for faith and whose moral principles align more closely with the Democrat platform than with the Bible. This is the powerful pro-life ad that CatholicVote will run in swing states: According to The Hill: The organization also released "The Biden Report for Catholic Voters," which covers Biden's career "from a Catholic perspective" and highlights where he stands on issues like "sanctity of life," religious liberty, judges, education and the dignity of work. It plans to send a condensed version of the...(Read Full Post)
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